Monday, March 24, 2008

Art Party 2008 and Young Association of Heidelberg brings to you the Live In Peace Art Party! We're calling all artists (painters, make-up artists, tattoo artists, fashion designers,poets, hair stylists, etc.) to join us during this very exquisite night. All artists need to BYOB & BYOC. This means bring your own brush and bring your own canvas. The Art Party will allow artists to network with other artists, showcase their talents and work, and possibly gain new patrons. This will be a night of great creativity and diverse expression.
Along with wine tasting, good music, and poetry, each artist will display their work while also creating new pieces on the spot. For more information call 313.342.0697

1 comment:

R. Lee Gordon said...

ooooooh, I want to go to your arty party . . .

and please don't ask me why ?